Top 10 Windows 8 Wallpapers

Top 10 Windows 8 Wallpapers

May 9, 2013

Everyone has a computer or a laptop they use on a daily basis and the truth is that if people don’t get to change their wallpaper from time to time and they will just use the ones loaded with their operating system, soon they will start feeling very bored with their computer. It’s true that Windows 8 didn’t appear on the market for a very long time and there are still many software programs that are not compatible with it, but this doesn’t stop anyone from using Windows 8 wallpapers in order to make their computer screen look really great and special. With that in mind, in the following paragraphs this article will take a closer look at the Top 10 Windows 8 Wallpapers people can use for their laptop or desktop computer.

Top 10 Windows 8 Wallpapers

1. Bubble Pro

This is definitely one of the best live wallpapers people can use for their machines if they are running Windows 8 on it. It offers people the chance of personalizing not only their home screen, but they can also play by tapping the bubbles and when touched, they will just burst. The color and the number of bubbles can easily be adjusted through the settings.

top 10 windows 8 wallpaper bubble pro

Bubble Pro

2. Vortex Galaxy

For space lovers, this Windows 8 wallpaper will take them on a journey through space. The stars are displayed in vivid colors and everything looks like a portal connecting earth to the distant visible universe. The wallpaper is free to use.

3. Jumpgate

This Windows 8 wallpaper is for Android lovers, as it features the Android robot with a jetpack cruising through space through asteroids. Settings like star brightness, camera speed, flight speed, background color and asteroid frequency can be easily adjusted.

4. Aquarium

An aquarium always calms people down and this wallpaper features lots of underwater plants to gaze at. There are also fish and by tapping them, users can change their direction or get their attention.

5. Asteroid Belt

This wallpaper welcomes users into space where they’ll revel in a wonderful asteroid belt. Settings like asteroid speed, background image and asteroid count can all be adjusted. Not only that, but the solar system for the background display can also be set.

6. Nature

Nature lovers will be able to relax to this wallpaper featuring a forest and a river next to it. Birds can also be heard chirping and like many other wallpapers for Windows 8, many settings like water speed, bird chirping and so on can be adjusted.

7. Volcano

An erupting volcano is definitely a great sight to witness, especially what it does to the environment around it. Those who love this wallpaper, will absolute enjoy watching how the volcano erupts and melts everything in its path. It comes free of charge, so no one has to worry about paying anything for it.

8. Elephants bathing

It’s a Windows 8 wallpaper mostly intended for younger Windows 8 users. It presents elephants playing in their natural habitat and also in a nearby stream. Settings like number of elephants, speed of the stream and illumination can be adjusted.

9. Grass in the wind

Another relaxing wallpaper for Windows 8 users presents them with a fabulous green field where the sun casts its light on a beautiful green plain. There are also butterflies in this wonderful landscape, which make it a very pleasant wallpaper to have.

10. Lion

Lastly, the lion Windows 8 wallpaper presents a lion resting under the shade of a big tree, watching over prey in the distance. Settings like roaring frequency and wind speed can be easily adjusted.

With that being said, these are the top 10 Windows 8 wallpapers people will be absolutely thrilled to start using. They are nothing short of excellent and really change anyone’s experience of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

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