Reasons That You Will Need To Upgrade Windows XP

Reasons That You Will Need To Upgrade Windows XP

Jul 26, 2013

It seems from recent articles that Windows XP users may need to seriously think about the Upgrade Windows XP options on the market today. Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing No  Microsoft security updates in the future, which will of course put users of the system in a bad way with security threats and no protection from hackers. This is set to take place after April 8 of next year, so if you have Windows XP on your computer then it is possibly time for a serious upgrade.

Windows XP Users at Risk

The users of this system of Windows will be at greater risk of hacking and their computers could be easily compromised. If you are a personal computer user then it may not be that big of a threat, or that big of a deal; however, if you run a business from your computer, this could end up costing you thousands of dollars, since hacking if a very real threat in the Internet world. There will also be compliance issues that will surface because of unsupported components in the IT structure that can result in suspension and auditing of certifications.

What can you do to Prepare for the Windows XP Threat?

The best thing that Indian laptop and computer users can do is to keep an eye on the situation and stay informed about new and secure OS’s that will be coming on the market as D-day approaches. Microsoft released Windows XP in 2001, the latest form of Windows of course is Windows 8 and there have been a few in between. The news that Microsoft will no longer protect Windows XP forces Indian laptop and computer users to upgrade their Windows, whether they want to or not, to keep from being hacked and losing everything on their computers.

Upgrade Windows XP

Manufactures and software developers will also stop support for this brand of Windows as well, on this date. You will no longer be able to get any security support for your computer or laptop if you do not perform an upgrade. It is recommended that you go ahead and install the latest upgrade so that you will be ready and already rolling when the support stops on April 8, 2014.  The last service pack has been released and there will be no more after this time.

There are some that say that users can safely stick to this version of Windows after the support stops, but experts are recommending that you don’t. The security threats from hackers, and other things are just too great without the Microsoft security updates to depend on.

Where to get the Upgrades?

You can get upgrades at any chain department store or online from the Microsoft website. It’s simple to get the upgrades that you need from the Windows 7 to Windows 8 and be safe from the security threats that will come after the support on April 8, 2014.

If you have a Windows XP on April 8, once again you will be without Microsoft security updates from that day forward.

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