Password Protect Folders In Windows 8

Password Protect Folders In Windows 8

May 12, 2013

Windows 8 being the latest version of windows operating system is an improvement of the previous windows versions. Windows 8 addresses some of the challenges faced by users of the existing previous version. One of these challenges was security. Windows 8 has some features that enhance security of stored information in a windows operating system hard disk. With windows 8, one can create password protected folders; there are various ways of creating a password protected folder in windows 8 operating system. One can create a password protected folder using a software or manually.

How to Create Password Protect Folders in Windows 8 without any Extra Software?

When you want to create a password protect folder without using any other third party software, ones need to first create the folder to be password protected. The folder can be located anywhere and named anything. After creating the folder, navigate to the created folder and create text document preferably using notepad. Download the short code used for changing the password from the net and paste it in the txt folder. In the code you will find lines like” if NOT %pass%== PASSWORD_GOES_HERE go to FAIL” change the string PASSWORD_GOES_HERE and put you preferred password. Save the file as locker.bat. And delete the original text document. After doing all that you can now run the batch file. On running the batch file, the code will create a folder called private. You can put all the documents you want to protect in that private folder. After putting them, run the batch folder again. These time the command line will ask you a question whether you are sure you want to lock the folder. Press Y to continue. After that, the private folder will automatically disappear. You will be needed to run the batch folder again to view the private folder only after inserting your set password.

Password Protect Folders in Windows 8

How to Create Password Protect Folders in Windows 8 using Software

Using software to protect folders is the easiest way to perform the operation. There are software that are specifically developed for protecting folders. Download any of that software and install it on a computer. To protect a folder, you just need to navigate to the folder which you want to password protect after installing the software. Left click and you will see encryption option. The same applies when you want to remove password encryption from the folder.

Importance of protecting folders using password

Many people having private have private data but do not have private computers. To protect private data from unwanted views, password protection of folders is essential and unavoidable. A hidden folder offers security to sensitive data which can be altered or destroyed by hackers in case they invade a computer.


As the world of computing continues to evolve, data storage and protection will be a major concern. Protecting folders using password will help protect data and files from public access. Although there are external ways of protecting folders and files using passwords, Operating systems software manufacturers should internally implement password protection functionality.

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