How To Get Windows 8.1 Update From Microsoft

If your computer or laptop uses Microsoft Windows, it’s ideal that you keep its operating system up- to- date with the current security updates and patches from Microsoft. Basically, you can hassle free do this by using a facility from Microsoft, which will find the different features you’re lacking and recommend you install them. This write up will focus on discussing on how a person can get his or her Windows 8.1 updated.

How to Get Your Computer or Laptop System updated

Here are the various effective steps you can follow if you want to update your computer’s operating system;

Connecting to the Internet:

First and foremost, it is a must for you to have an active internet connection in order to make all the steps required to be possible.

Looking for Windows Update:

Go to the start menu and then go to your programs. In your programs, search for Windows Update’. Click on the link for you to be able to be directed to a Microsoft website, which will assist you get started installing the feature you are looking for.

Choosing the “Custom” Option:

Choosing the “custom” option will help in giving the most control over the feature you intend to install. Generally, the Microsoft utility will commence scanning your computer or laptop in order to identify the different features you are requiring.

Looking Over the List of the Things Microsoft is Recommending:

Look over the list of the different things being recommended by Microsoft. You will be told by the utility how long it will take to install the different updates as well as what purposes they often serve. Select the things you need to install and then click on Review and install updates.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update

Confirming if Everything is Correct:

Look over the list of the things you want to install severally in order to ensure if everything is in order (correct) and then click on Install the updates.’

Reading the End User Agreement License:

Carefully read the End-User License agreement which comes up. If you accept the terms and conditions of that agreement, click “I accept.” The Microsoft’s Windows utility update will now start installing the updates.

Waiting for Installation:

The utility will inform you the amount of time it will take for each feature to be fully installed. It will as well notify you when you’ve finished the installation process. Basically, since in most cases you are likely to be prompted to restart your computer, it is ideal that you try saving all your work, close all the opened programs and then click Restart now.’ Note that when the Windows reboots, it’ll be up- to- date.

Importance of Installing

  • The feature is very fast and made to work on a variety of devices – most especially on the new generation of the touch devices.
  • It Enhances Security.
  • This outstanding feature has security as well as reliability features that you expect, which can increase the security system of your computer.

Last but not the least; it is ideal that you run Windows updates at least twice a month in order to be in a position to keep it current.

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