Top 10 IM Clients For Quicker Messaging

Top 10 IM Clients For Quicker Messaging

Jun 15, 2013

Why do many individuals concentrate on instant messaging (IM)? This is because instant messaging clients connect one with people in just a few seconds. Despite the distance and time differences, IM allows an individual to talk to anyone in real time. The IM client does lots of work ranging from notifying on social network updates and alerts you upon receiving an email in your account. Some of the Top 10 IM clients include but not limited to AIM 7.3, Windows Live Messenger, Digsby and yahoo Messenger. Here are the Top 10 IM clients;

Top 10 IM clients Meebo

Top 10 IM clients

1. Digsby

Digsby summer 2010 model is an IM program that almost accepts every IM protocol associated with any software. In addition, it is an excellent social network that allows any individual to connect with others within the real time. One thing that it lacks is only the group IM.

2. Meebo Messenger

This is one of the instant messaging programs that have gaming, video calling and buddy list. This makes Meebo messenger to be an excellent IM client for web based application. The IM allows you to get most of your IM services but unfortunately it does not offer social network updates.

3. Yahoo! Messenger 10

One of the richest IM clients is Yahoo. The IM has clear design that is easily customized, clear video chat, VOIP and in architecture, it has deep plugin. The only limitation associated with yahoo messenger 10 is that it does not facilitate chat with Gmail and facebook users.

4. Window live messenger 2010

Window live messenger is an IM window client that has social feeds, tabbed windows and HD video chatting.

5. Skype

Skype is a VOIP software IM client that allows individuals to talk online. This is done through instant messaging, voice and video chatting. In addition, it has add-on services that allow quick and simple transfer of files and video from one individual to the other.

6. AIM

AIM is an AOL instant messenger that has become more social in today’s technology. This is because it allows users to share and chat instantly. When you are connected to AIM, you will remain connected to other social networks such as twitter, facebook, AOL mails and Gmail. Additionally, AIM has media previews. The previews allow you to view images and read twitters of your friends as you stream other videos.

7. PalTalk

PalTalk is an IM client that allows one to send and receive videos, texts and voices via the internet. It gives one a chance to create virtual rooms for your friends depending with the number you need to chat with. Additionally, the software offers you a video chat widget so that you can be able to see those in the chat room.

8. Trillian Astra 4.2

This IM is a fully fledged communication dashboard. This is only possible if done through internet. It allows one to chat and send email via the internet.

9. Adium

This is an IM client that is extremely well designed for use in Mac. It has modular windows with buddy list and conversational dashboard for easy communication between individuals though it does not separate one chat from the other.

10. Imo

The last top 10 IM clients in our list are Imo. This is IM platform software that is mostly applicable across all mobile platforms. This then allows you to communicate with your friends through mobile to mobile.

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