Windows 8.1: Microsoft’s Better Build Of Windows 8

Windows 8.1: Microsoft’s Better Build Of Windows 8

Jul 6, 2013

Windows 8.1 is a Windows version by Microsoft that was meant to be an improvement to the flawed Windows 8. With the initial release of Windows 8 by Microsoft in August 1, 2012 according to the company’s website and with general availability to the public after a month, it was expected that this revolutionary operating system would be an instant hit among Windows users. However with Windows 8 leaning so much on suitability to touch capabilities that comes with surface or tablet-PC hybrid and with the vast majority of Windows users hailing from the traditional PC, introduction of Windows 8 did not quite live up to the success its developers anticipated for. It is with this in mind that Microsoft came up with a better version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 Version And it’s Cool Features

Firstly, Microsoft hasn’t phased out the start screen from the Windows 8 version. However, in Windows 8.1 the start screen which looks like this is much more enhanced and offers a greater degree of customization. The start screen in Windows 8.1 gives you the ability to move an entire group of tiles to a new or existing clutter and then rename them, thus giving you better organization. You can select multiple apps and either resize, uninstall or re-arrange them. Additionally, new apps are being installed in the app view as opposed to adding them to the start screen automatically. It also adapts to smaller form factors such as smaller tablets.

Windows 8.1 also includes a boot-to-desk option. This feature helps the user to bypass the tile-based start screen and boot straight to the desktop although this option is not provided by default and must be set by the user. Although not in a form similar to previous version of Windows, the start button has made a come-back in Windows 8.1. Right clicking on this button provides the power user menu thus enabling the user shutdown and restart directly from the start button as in earlier versions.

windows 8.1

A highly personalized experience being a key goal in Windows 8.1, this new version of Windows allows the user to set their own wallpaper on the start screen. On the personalize option in the settings you can add different backgrounds with different color schemes. A variety of tiles has been added in Windows 8.1, unlike Windows 8 which only hosted two tile sizes. Of greater interest, is the fact that you can change these tile sizes to suit your needs.

As expected with Microsoft, Windows 8.1 comes with an array of new apps. These apps have either been written or newly added to this release. Some of the new apps are: Internet Explorer 11, Reading List, Health Tracker, Mail, SkyDrive, Food and Drink, a new version of Skype among others.

Among other cool tweaks includes its upgraded search, kiosk mode where the user gets to locked to a run a single application, has a greater touch capability and a camera access while the PC screen is locked to mention just but a few. One thing is for sure, with Windows 8.1 version of Windows the user is offered never-ending possibilities in terms of usage and customization.

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