Top 5 Windows 8 Gadgets

Top 5 Windows 8 Gadgets

Jun 16, 2013

Microsoft Windows is a graphical interface operating system (OS) introduced in the year of 1985 by Microsoft. The Windows OS started dominating the market of world’s personal computers from the very beginning of its invention. In this domination, the Microsoft Windows was fully successful. And nowadays, this Microsoft OS is also used in Smartphones, embedded devices, and server computers. A number of series (or version or updated version) of this Microsoft Windows OS were being introduced by time with more facilities and gadgets. The recent version of the Microsoft Windows dominated most of the personal computers globally is the Window 8.

Windows 8 Gadgets

Top 5 Gadgets of Windows 8:

Windows 8 came to the market on October 26, 2012 and earned a huge fame in a very short span of time due to its user friendly facilities and the attractive gadgets. The top 5 Windows 8 gadgets are as follows:

1. Easy gesture:

The function of easy gesture can be considered as the topmost among the top 5 Windows 8 gadgets. It is the first invention in the platform of Windows OS where a gestural version of Windows is seen. Here, simple touch gestures like switching to the applications by swiping in from the left or choosing the charm menu by swiping in from the right can be performed. This makes the user more comfortable while using.

Zooming gesture is also available there to view a zoom or broad view. One can also easily close any of the running application by selecting it and dragging it from top to bottom. The task manager of the Windows 8 is also pretty improved and is in an organized manner.

2. Live tiles and lock screen:

The live tiles and lock screen is one of the most useful gadgets among the top 5 Windows 8 gadgets. Here, one can visualize any kind of news updates, new email, calendar, any kind of upcoming event, weather reports, or any sort of live performances from the tiles of applications from the screen, even without opening it. This facility can also be availed from the screen locked condition.

3. Refresh and reset:

In Windows 8, refreshing and resetting of the system can be done very easily. If your system runs very slowly, you can refresh your current running page or app very easily by just a single click; there is no need of any changing of the files.
The reset function totally wipes out all the files from the system by a single option. There is no need to delete files individually from the system. Both the refresh and reset gadgets can be found by: Charms bar>Settings>Choose PC settings>General bar.

4. Snap view of multitasking:

It is the most exciting among the top 5 Windows 8 gadgets. Here, multitasking can be performed in a snapped view format, i.e. one can snap two applications side by side. That is it gives the facility of doing two tasks at once.

5. Share everything:

Sharing of any application is the most easiest feature of Windows 8 OS. If something is sharable, the Microsoft itself asks you to share or not. Customized option of sharing is also asked by the Microsoft, like to whom it is visible, places, time, etc.

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