The BatteryBox – New Solution To Old Lithium Ion Battery Problems

The BatteryBox – New Solution To Old Lithium Ion Battery Problems

Apr 11, 2014

BatteryBox is one of the wonders of modern battery technology and this article is going to reveal it. It is a portable battery, but what makes this nifty gadget different is it is guaranteed to perform like new and able to store 98% of its original capacity for up to five years. Furthermore, this powerful portable battery is small enough to fit in the hand of an average person and has enough juice to fully re-charge eight iPhones and one MacBook Air.

BatteryBox Portable Battery

Lithium Battery Problems

Most of today’s batteries for mobile devices get their power from lithium batteries. The problem with a lithium battery is, the more you charge them, run flat and re-charges them again; the more they lose their power storage capacity. After enough cycles of discharging and re-charging, it will eventually unable to hold juice to power your mobile device.

Inconvenient Solution

For consumers who are constantly using their mobile device, one solution is to bring a re-charging cable all the time and charge their device whenever they get a chance. For notebook users, constantly plugging the device to a power outlet is the popular method of solving battery problems. However, some consumers make use of an external battery pack to tackle the same problem, and these portable gadgets will be able to fully charge a mobile device on the go via USB.

External Battery Packs Problems

However, the main problem with external portable battery packs is they are still made-up of lithium ion also. This means they suffer the same problems with other lithium batteries. This eventuality problem is one of the main reasons why some segments of consumers tend to get angry when new notebooks or Smartphones with built-in and un-removable batteries are launched. This is perfectly comprehensible since it would be pointless to discard a mobile device simply because the built-in battery’s storage capacity faded and died.

BatteryBox: The New Solution

Introducing BatteryBox, and it may be the wave of the future when it comes to solving the problems that come with lithium ion batteries. What makes this battery different is it is a battery with a brain. This portable battery comes with a BatteryOS and its main purpose is to proactively manage the behaviors of its lithium battery. As a result, the battery is able to go through 3000 charge and discharge cycles and still able to retain 98% power storage capacity.

Icing On The Cake

The benefits of this cool portable battery do not stop there. Whenever your mobile device is connected to the battery, it is able to directly channel the power to your computer, bypassing the internal battery. As a result, the internal battery will not go through the normal charging and discharging cycle thus extending its longevity even further.

Wrapping It All Up

The technology industry and its users have always suffered from the problems of lithium ion battery – the battery eventually dies out and unable to hold any juice if it goes through enough cycles of charge and discharge. However, with this new battery, its technology and its BatteryOS, not only will it be able to manage the behavior of the battery, making it last for up to five years, but it will also help channel the power directly to your computer, bypassing the battery to increase longevity.

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