StoreDot Nanotechnology Invention For Quick Smartphone Battery Charging

StoreDot Nanotechnology Invention For Quick Smartphone Battery Charging

Apr 19, 2014

In today’s world, smart phones such as Samsung Galaxy S4 and other electronic gadgets like tablets are becoming progressively popular among the masses because of their usability and a wide range of useful applications. But, these power guzzler devices run on traditional lithium-ion batteries and drain them really fast, requiring the need of charging the batteries again.

StoreDot Battery Charger 30 Seconds

StoreDot has made a groundbreaking achievement in developing a nanotechnology based power solution for the modern day electronic gadgets such as Smartphone and mobile tablets. It is playing a pivotal role in re-shaping and re-designing the next generation mobile technology and device components.

StoreDot Focus And Vision

The company has its focus on replacing current mobile device technology with a superior technology, which can provide greater performance, more cost efficient, more energy efficiency and greater sustainability. Focusing on all these parameters, it has been engaged in multi-facet experimentation for developing components of superior technology for the next generation electronic gadgets.

StoreDot, an Israeli based company has found an energy solution which can fuel a Samsung Galaxy S4 in just 30 seconds, eliminating the inconvenience caused through continuous charging the phone for long durations. It came out of Tel Aviv University’s nanotechnology department, displayed the performance of its new mobile battery on a Samsung Galaxy S4 at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference held in Israel.

Technology Solutions: –

This Israeli based company is offering technology benefits with diverse physical and electrochemical properties.

We have categorized it in the following sub topics-

Display– A new generation display technology with a rich color vividness and high resolution. Also, bendable, transparent and paper thin displays in mobile gadgets.

Energy efficiency– It’s offering some highly environment friendly and energy efficient displays and other components, which make use of non-polluting materials. The company is against the use of toxic and polluting materials in mobile devices such as cadmium selenide.

Rapid Charging– Due to increased electrode capacitance, it offers a rapid charging solution for future mobile devices. Its batteries can charge as fast as in 30 seconds. The company has stated that they are still developing an even superior mobile battery charging technology, which would charge the next generation mobile batteries at warp speed.

Extended battery life– This Company has developed batteries with enhanced life expectancy that can withstand thousands of charging/discharging cycles.

Cost-effective technology– StoreDot has been successful in gaining remarkable cost effectiveness in manufacturing their products and developing high-yield process, which include achieving remarkable uniformity in the shape and size of their products by making use of biological self-assembly mechanism and readily available organic materials.

Use Of Nanotechnology By StoreDot:-

Based on its discovery of next generation, Nanodots of biological origin, which have a capability to self-assemble, StoreDot is making rapid strides in developing superior technology solutions for next generation mobile gadgets. Like the fundamental biological building blocks, these multifunctional Nanodots are the core element components inside many patented StorDot’s technology innovations. These nanobots consist of bio-organic peptide molecules and are merely 2 nanometers in diameter and uniform in size.

StoreDot’s novel approach in applying biologically originating nano dots in developing mobile gadget technology solutions is revolutionary; making it prepared for future generation mobile devices.

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