Chatwing: The Effective Chat Widget For Promoting Products And Services

Chatwing: The Effective Chat Widget For Promoting Products And Services

Jun 14, 2013

The summer fun is almost over, yet new trends and events are still joining the fray. Well, that is the real deal in the cyberspace—the flow of information will never stop. Just look at the websites appearing every now and then. Even though most materials are reused, they still have something to offer—something to stir our curiosity. Entrepreneurs have also monopolized the visibility rates offered by the Internet. Most of them have already started creating blogs to reach more groups of people within a limited time.

Chatwing Chat Software

One of the things that caught my interest is the way entrepreneurs promote their products and services. There are new ways and a creative imagination can really take you far in the Internet. Upon doing a search run, I discovered a simple tool that can help entrepreneurs set up their online presence. This tool is known as Chatwing—an embeddable chat widget that can bring hundreds of visitors to any blog or website.


Chatwing chat app is like the simple chatrooms you can see in many websites. The only difference is that Chatwing offers a high form of leverage in visibility, entertainment, and rate of customization. To use Chatwing chat software, you have to register first in the main website. After registering (which only takes few seconds since there are no confirmation links needed), you can now proceed to your account dashboard right away. There, you can edit the appearance of the chatbox by mixing color themes and other functions.

Chatwing also has social media integration. With this feature, chatroom visitors can log in with their social media accounts. Entrepreneurs can use this opportunity to build stable contact database for long-term use. Video links can also be posted directly in the chatroom, so entrepreneurs can commit to a continuous viral marketing initiative.

The Chatwing tool is free, yet it is professional enough to be used in the online business arena. This is an opportunity that you cannot pass, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur.

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Author Bio:

Chatwing Author

Aaron Kong is a developer of Chatwing chat software and believes in the power of open communication, these are the core principles Chatwing was founded on. Kong is a freedom of speech advocate who also participates in numerous open source software projects.

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