Samsung Galaxy S4: The Right Smartphone For Getting Things Done

Samsung Galaxy S4: The Right Smartphone For Getting Things Done

Aug 30, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is becoming an essential tool for staying organized and connected. It has a fine balance of necessary features for being useful and beneficial extras that make it a replacement for almost any other device. The first thing people notice is the large screen with an absolutely sparkling display. This is a smart move on the manufacturers part, as almost every function on the device is accessed through the screen. The design of the device is very subtle and has a lot of user-friendly aspects that quietly make it simple to use.

One of the biggest complaints critics of Samsung Galaxy S4 is that the design is falling behind other manufacturers. Their argument is that the plastic body, removable back, and wide body, detract from its usability. These features of the case are nearly identical to the previous version of the Samsung Smartphone, called the Galaxy S3. However, the screen extends closer to the edge, offering a five inches of high-definition, easy to see, and responsive touchscreen.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

What should be noted here is that while the case is criticized for its quality of construction and dimensions, the previous version was wildly popular, so there is no motivation to make many changes. The newer model has the advantage of a stiffer frame and the electronics are spread out in a thinner body. While one of the primary functions of the device is to make mobile telephone calls, its size is somewhat awkward. As larger screens continue to become more common, this is an issue almost all manufacturers have to deal with.

Advantages in having Samsung Galaxy S4

Large screens, especially when they display in HD, allow many more options besides just voice calls. This is where the fully featured Samsung Galaxy S4 impresses. It has two cameras, one on the front that snaps 2 Megapixel pictures and can be used for video calling. The rear camera has an impressive 13 MP. There are only a few other multifunction devices that have a camera this powerful and just a few years ago, this much resolution was only available on select high-end digital cameras. Embedded software maximizes picture quality which looks amazing on the HD screen. The camera can also be used as an HD video recorder, which means it can replace yet another device.

The underlying operating system that powers Samsung Galaxy S4 is the open source and customizable Android OS. The manufacturer has capitalized on this feature to add improvements to improve the user experience without making anything more complicated. It has several sensors that can be used to enhance the experience in a variety of ways. This includes a proximity sensor so that the device knows when it is being held up as traditional phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4: A deeper Technical Look

Samsung Galaxy S4 has every functional feature that would be expected on a top of the line device: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and microUSB. There is also a slot for microSD which can expand external storage up to 64 Gigabytes. The external storage is a handy function that appears less often in these devices, but is a useful option. It is located behind the removable battery, which is also becoming rare. These minor touches are only noticed when they are not available, which makes other devices somewhat annoying when they are discovered. The combination of options makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 hard to beat.Photo credits:

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