Features Offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Features Offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Dec 14, 2013

Many people want to find the best Smartphones for themselves. These devices can be used to support all types of daily activities. There are many phones that are available on the market these days. It is important to choose the best device that has interesting features for all users. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most popular gadgets produced by Samsung. There are many great features offered by this device. Therefore, many people are interested to buy this product for fulfilling their needs and purposes. Here are some features that can be found in this Smartphone.

1. S Pen

This is a great feature offered by this smartphone. This device comes with smart S Pen. This pen can be used to access several important things in this phone, such as Action Memo, S Finder, Scrapbook, Pen Window, and many other features in this Galaxy Note 3. These apps are very useful for all users. They can make everything get easier than before. An action memo allows all users to write down their memos instantly. S Finder is a perfect tool for finding all important information from the phone or web. The scrapbook is another great application for managing all important tools in this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

2. High quality security system

This phone comes with Samsung’s powerful security solution that is called as KNOX. It is one of the best security systems for Smartphones in the world. This system is very useful to store all data and information securely. Because of that reason, this phone is very recommended for all users who want to keep their data secure and safe. People can use this device with peace of mind. They do not have to worry about losing their data or information. This phone is fully protected from all types of hackers on the Internet these days. It is equipped with powerful security system management.

3. 13 Mega Pixel Camera

This is another great feature offered by this device. It is equipped with 13 Mega-pixel Auto Focus camera. This camera is equipped with smart stabilization features. It also comes with LED flashlight. This device can be used to capture high quality images easily. All users can also use this phone as a recording system. This video recorder is equipped with smooth motion and slow motion system. All of these systems are added to this phone to improve its functionality. It is a perfect tool for all photographers. There are several camera modes offered by this phone, such as Drama shot, Animated photo, Beauty Face, Panorama, Surround Shot, and many other modes.

4. Faster Performance

This device comes with fast speed performance. This Smartphone is equipped with Quad Core Processor and 3GB RAM. All of these systems are added to this phone, so it can be used to run multitasking projects. Most users are happy with this product because they can open their favorite applications without any problems. This device can be used as the best multimedia gadget in the market these days.

5. And many other great features

There are many other useful features added to this phone, for example Bluetooth system, GPS, WI-Fi connection, MicroSD slot, long life battery, and many other great features. This phone also comes with many other useful things, such as S Voice Hands Free system, Samsung Link, story album, Samsung Smart Scroll, Air Gesture, Air View, and many other features. Customers are usually interested with the sensor system of this device. Its screen size is about 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm. It is a lightweight Smartphone that weighs only about 168 g.

They are some useful features that can be found in Galaxy Note 3. It is a perfect choice for all users who want to find the best Smartphones for supporting their daily activities. This 5.7 inch phone has a lot of features and benefits for all users. There are many positive reviews about this product. These reviews show that many people are satisfied with the features offered by this smartphone. There are many great accessories that are specially added for this powerful Smartphone, such as an extra battery kit, S charger, desktop dock, Flip Wallet and many other accessories.

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