Importance of On Page Optimization In SEO

For getting better rank in search engine very important thing that do better On page optimization for your website. Importance of on page optimization for your site very necessary for get better rank in Google and other search engine. So a good on page optimization to top from your competitors.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is one of the first steps of SEO and every webmaster looking for very good on page for better rank in search engine. Below I have tried to tell you steps of SEO for better results in rank so do this steps and you got to top in Google.

On Page Optimization Steps

Following are steps of on page optimization

1. Title Optimization

Title Optimization for Google

Title Optimization for Google

The basic code for title <title> Your Title</title>. Put this code to your website after <head> tag. Title tag show in search engine result title.

Important factor of title tag:

  • Put your keyword in title and chose unique title for your page
  • Length of title no more than 70 characters around 10-12 words.

2. Meta Tags

Meta tags for sites may not be an important but meta description is very important because it is show in your SERPs results.  You can also put your keywords in meta description because it show on SERPs results. The basic code of meta tags description is

<meta name=”description” content=” Your description” />

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Important Elements of Meta Tags:

  • Give every page a unique description.
  • Length of your description must be use only 170 character around 25-30 words.
  • Put your keyword into your description because your page rank better in Google.

3. HTML Tags

It is very important that highlight your important part or keywords by use of html tags. There are several tags in html which is use in your content like Header tags [h1][h2][h3], Bold [strong], Italic [em] etc. Header tags [h1] give very importance by search engine.



Important elements of HTML Tags:

  • [H1]: Heder1 is very important used to show important section of your page.
  • [H2] & [H3]: Header 2 and 3 used for post titles or important section of content.
  • Bold: You can bold your highly important keywords.
  • Italic: You can use [em] tags for italic words in your content.
  • Quote: it is use for quote someone.

4. Keyword Optimization:

Your content need to optimize with keyword density. For rank in Google you must be optimize your content with your keyword and stuffing your keywords into your content.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization

Important Elements of Keyword Optimization:

  • Research: first research your keyword for according to your content and chose low competition and high search volume keyword.
  • Keyword Density: For get better ranking in Google stuff your keyword into your content and you should be 3-7% keyword density in your content.
  • Long Tail Keyword: Its very goods that stuff long tail keyword in your content and target always long tail keyword because long tail keyword rank in search engine easily.

5. Link Optimization:

It is very important that optimize your internal and external links for search engine. Google loves internal backlinks so make a good anchor text and give internal backlinks with this keywords.

Link Optimization

Link Optimization

6. Image Optimization:

If you have lot of images in your site than you need to optimize them too as required to search engines.

Onpage Optimization

Onpage Optimization

Important Image Optimization Elements:

  • Alt text: ALT text is the text describe your image when your mouse moves over your images. if your browser can’t display images than alt text show in place of images.
  • File name: Always use your keyword with your file name or meaning full file name like facebookcover.jpg.
  • Image Title: Always use title tag in images which show when your mouse moves at your images.

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