Google New Hummingbird Algorithm With Long Tail Keywords

Google New Hummingbird Algorithm With Long Tail Keywords

Dec 6, 2013

Countless people in this world search lots of information through internet by searching through the search engines like Google using long tail keywords. But the Google Update released recently had made radical changes in the process of searching new things.

Changes Done By Google

The introduction of Google New Hummingbird Algorithm, a new search technology, had made drastic changes in this field within a decade. SEOs were using Google’s updated algorithms popularly known as Panda and Penguin for many years which allowed them to use the prevailing algorithm of Google with a slight difference. But you can not consider Hummingbird as an update to the algorithm as it is an entirely new concept in this regard has over 200 new and old factors to use it in searching information.

New Concept In SEO

Google was occasionally updating algorithms to make the search effective and quick for the developers. The introduction of the new algorithm is based mainly on two points:

  1. Google had introduced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to let the searchers understand their searches in a better way. Introduction of knowledge graph of Google had enabled the searchers to get relevant information about the method of mapping the semantic web by the company.
  2. The system of matching keyword used by Google for searching information has been changed by the introduction of these new factors to the system where search engine tries to search and deliver the information delivered by the searchers. In this way almost 90% search results have been changed on Google with the introduction of this new algorithm.


Reasons To Change The Google Algorithm

The main reason behind the core change in the algorithm was to organize the information of the whole world to help the searchers in finding the information easily. The increasing use of mobile devices for searching information online is another reason behind this change. Earlier you have to type the location to search for some information but with the introduction of this new algorithm for mobile devices you will have to ask for your query only without detailing its location. Google will have to locate the position of your device and provide related information by using the concept of NLP.

Similarly Google uses a knowledge graph to find the information required by the searcher without looking for the keyword, as done earlier. It helps Google in searching the information related to your query even if no keyword is listed on it.

Effect On SEO Professionals

In fact nothing considerable is going to change with the introduction of this Google Update. The services of SEOs will be needed for improving the ranking of the website even by using long tail keywords as were used earlier. The prominence of engaging and original contents with proper short or long tail keywords will still remain for promoting any website. Services of SEO experts will still be needed for creating legitimate back links and signals from getting required results. Though this new algorithm had reduced the dependency on the keywords now but still the need SEOs for quality content with proper and long tail keywords will remain intact.

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