Internet Explorer Security Bug And Taking Necessary Precautions

Internet Explorer Security Bug And Taking Necessary Precautions

May 27, 2014

An Internet Explorer security bug by Microsoft has been identified and is being reported to all users of the browser. As it is taking the company time to implement the actual fix, they are giving their users alternative options to address these situations. The security exposure that they are referencing involves giving hackers an opportunity to take over the computer remotely from another location and the user may not recognize it until the damage has been done.

Internet Explorer Security Bug

Internet Explorer Security Bug

Are there Specific Internet Explorer Versions Involved?

Since most people are concerned about the specific versions that this bug infects, the response provided has been all of them, from Internet Explorer version 6 of Internet Explore Version 11. However, based on information from FireEye, the hackers are currently targeting the users of Internet Explorer 9 and higher versions. Because the same bug has been used to hack into various U.S. financial firms over the weekend, they are warning all affected users to protect themselves.

What to do to Minimize Internet Explorer Security Bug Risks

As this news is being released, Microsoft is addressing the issues with their users in order to minimize the risks. So, taking the necessary precautions is one of the first things that they are recommending until the browsers have been modified with the correction and released to the user as an out of cycle security update. Listed below are some things that can be done to make sure customers are not affected by the bug.

Switch to another Browser or XP Users Should Upgrade to another Version of Microsoft

National security agencies like the Computer Emergency Readiness Organizations from the U.S and the UK are recommending that Microsoft customers switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Fox browsers until the fix has been made. By making these changes, users will no longer be at risk of hackers taking control of their computers. Additionally, because Microsoft is no longer supporting Window XP operating systems, they are not releasing a security patch to fix this problem. Consequently, they are recommending that users upgrade their operating system from XP to another version of Microsoft.

Install Enhanced Mitigation Experience Took kit or Utilize Other Security Best Practice Solutions

Another recommendation is to make it more difficult for cyber attacks to occur. This can be accomplished by the users downloading and installing Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience tool kit. Since this kit adds extra obstacles that prevent people from hacking into the operating system, this is a viable option for closing the door to the infection. Or, the user may want to take advantage of other security best practice solutions to prevent attacks. Which means, the user may want to enable a firewall, apply all applicable software updates, and install anti-spyware and anti-virus software applications? Additionally, users should also use certain precautions when they are visiting websites. Which means, they should not open up suspicious looking email messages or clicking on links that may lead to unscrupulous sites?

Until these exposures have been fixed and an out of cycle security update has been released, there are a wide variety of ways to avoid the exposure. However, it is important for people who have these versions of Internet Explorer to respond with an alternative solution as soon as possible.

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