What Makes Google Search Engine The Best Among Its Counterparts

What Makes Google Search Engine The Best Among Its Counterparts

Jun 29, 2013

Millions of internet users go online everyday all over the world and in every minute of it, millions of users conduct internet searches using Google search engine as their most preferred tool. It is undeniable that Google leads the pack among its counterparts even if other search engines try to keep up and improve their performances. Google search has been enjoying this popularity for so many years now and it is hard to say that it is just a stroke of luck. Several factors and reasons do make Google search the leader among other search engines.

Why Google Search is the Best?

#1) Familiarity

You often hear people say, “Just Google it.” Google has become the brand name of search engines. This is something other search engines do not enjoy. Since Google search has been popular for years, it has been instilled on the minds of users as the first choice to use when they need to find something on the internet. In fact, those who are just being acquainted to using the computer and the internet will be welcomed with this practice, thus, further making Google search more popular.

#2) Multiple Languages

Google search allows the use of various languages, making it very easy to use by people of all races. This is very helpful for those who do not use English as their main language and still want to be able to make local searches on their own dialect.

#3) Clean and Easy to Use Page

Even the novice will not be intimidated when they visit the Google search home page. The page is clean with no unnecessary buttons that will make things complicated. The user only needs to type in what it is he needs information about and the search results will be displayed immediately. Should the user make mistakes on the keywords, Google will even suggest the most significant searches to correct errors.

Google Search Engine

#4) Trillions of Sites Indexed

Google search has indexed trillions of sites, so it is highly possible that you will find what it is you are exactly looking for. This makes the results offered by Google highly relevant. Google uses spiders that crawl the entire web and index all sites that give relevant content for specific keywords. As you will notice, doing minor changes to your keywords will give you a slightly different list and order of results. That is how thorough and detailed these spiders work in indexing sites. When there are more sites indexed, the better chance it is for the user to find the information he needs as well as other information related to his keywords from various sources.

#5) Speed

After typing the keywords and hitting enter, in a split second the results are displayed on your screen. Despite the hundreds or thousands of results provided, Google search is able to give these promptly, which is very helpful for users who need quick information.

#6) Various Formats

Another great advantage of using Google search is that you can specify the format of the information that you are looking for. If you need images, just click the image button and only results in image format will be displayed. Other formats offered are texts, videos, and even maps.

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