Top 10 Google Products That We Can’t Do Without

Top 10 Google Products That We Can’t Do Without

Jun 16, 2013

Google rolls out several innovative products each year. Though not all of them are hits, we remember Google’s best, because they always deliver. Here is a look at a roundup of what we believe are the top 10 Google products today, some of which have become such important parts of our lives that we may even take them for granted.

Top 10 Google Products

1. Google Search

For a large population of Internet users, Google Search is a daily gateway to the Internet. Launched in 1997, it quickly became one of the most relevant search engines and an eternal favorite for top 10 Google products lists. Google’s attempt to index the internet in its entirety has given us unlimited data at our fingertips, especially with constant improvements such as Instant Search and Voice Search.

Google products

2. Google Maps

Apple may have tried to match Google with its new maps app, but Google Maps deserves to be on the top 10 Google products, holding sway over all web mapping services. Launched in 2005, it offers street views and directions at great detail and helps millions of people globally to explore the world from the comfort of their homes.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is the new home of Google Docs, which was the pioneering introduction of productivity tools on the internet. Google docs allowed people to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets unlike ever before and create backups of their work. Like most of Google’s top products, it’s free, unlike its competitor Microsoft Office or Apple’s iWork.

4. Blogger

Blogger was the pioneer in self publishing tools. Bought and improved by Google in 2003 from its original creators Pyra Labs, the takeover also made the product free to use. Today Blogger is available in more than 20 languages, is easy to use and is one of the top blogging platforms despite the launch of WordPress.

5. Google Translate

This free translation tool supports as many as 64 languages and is the most popular in its genre out of other similar services such as AOL, Yahoo and Babel Fish. The Google Translate tool can translate words, phrases, sentences and even entire web pages in an instant.

6. Google Chrome

Google’s own web browser is simple and quick to respond, surpassing many other browsers for PCs and phones available today. As of April 2013, Chrome’s worldwide usage share of browsers is 39 percent, according to StatCounter. Launched in 2008, the browser is consistent with the user’s Google account, allowing him or her to sign in from multiple devices for the same experience.

7. YouTube

Google acquired video-sharing portal YouTube from its creators in 2006. Since then the website sees a more than a billion unique visitors each month, who view, upload and share music videos, new clips, movie clips, amateur video blogging and educational videos. The majority of its videos are free to watch, making it deserving of a spot on our top 10 Google products list.

8. Android

Launched in 2007, Android was seen as Google’s answer to the iOS. Open source and based on Linux, it offers users a different mobile experience with a vast repository of apps created by independent developers.

9. AdMob

AdMob may not be widely used among the masses, but in the present mobile age, mobile marketers turn to this tool for creating and publishing mobile ads in great detail. Acquired in 2009 by Google, the app is the mobile equivalent of AdSense, and is likely to see greater use in the future.

10. Gmail

Gmail is the last of the top 10 Google products. Gmail gave the world a new way to look at email and this makes it to the Users are allowed unlimited storage, a new concept when it was introduced to the masses in 2007. As of June 2012, Gmail had over 425 million active users globally, making it the most widely used web email provider.

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