Google Website Optimizer Impact And Its Benefits.

Google Website Optimizer Impact And Its Benefits.

Jun 27, 2013

Google Website Optimizer was a website optimization tool that had helped webmasters and marketers to increase the number of visitors to their sites. These helped bring satisfaction and higher faster conversion rates through the continued testing of the different web content combinations. It tested everything that existed as a HTML code that includes copies of products, assurances of points of actions, headlines, fonts, forms, product reviews and the calls for action. In the converse funnels it was used at multiple stages.

Google Website Optimizer Roles.

With the optimizer the webmasters were able to test different version of a whole page. The A/B test which is a combination of multiple elements of a page as the body copy, images or the headings is commonly known as multivariate testing. The conversion rate needed to be double what it was if one was to take the next step. When the conversion rate is higher than20% then the possibility of doubling it did not exist. One needed to think through what they were testing with the Google Website Optimizer in terms of where it would have a greater impact. Today it is no longer available and was made part of the Google Analytics which one can use in testing their website and reaping the benefits from the segmentation that are robust and are easily used.

Google Website Optimizer

Like the Google Website Optimizer it has incorporated content testing to help one achieve their goals of optimizing, testing and measuring. The content experimentation will help in the optimization of the goals that one has set. In this way it helps in making choices of the content, layout and page designs that are effective. Content Experiments has a setup wizard which will take the user step by step in setting the experiments. In this way one is able to launch new tests faster. One will be able to make use of great features such as advanced segmentation of the reports, easier tagging and the optimized goal conversions.

Anyone that still has the Google Website Optimizer tags needs to remove them from their pages especially when the experiments with the Google Website Optimizer have been completed. Redirection is no longer being done and it will be necessary for one to Remove the Google Website Optimizer tags from their sites. The content of the original page needs to be updated so that it is a reflection of content of the variation. Finally ensure that you redirect from the variation pages to the main page. This will help those that have bookmarked this variation pages to still have access to the content.

Over the past five years many publishers and marketers had been able to improve their sites through all the insights they got from the Google Website Optimizer so that their visitors could have better experiences. Now that it is no longer there the Google Analytics usually measures the efficacy of the pages versions to help determine which is more effective than the other. Experimenting and testing of sites may sound complicated but this tool simplifies the work.

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