Google Webmaster Tools: A Technical Support To Websites And Urls.

Google Webmaster Tools: A Technical Support To Websites And Urls.

Jun 29, 2013

In the fight to maximize internet traffic resulting from site’s visibility in Google search, Google webmaster tools is a feature to reckon with. This is an arena where users can check their site’s visibility in Google searches. And an added bonus includes the fact that it is free. Google web masters provide a full fledged detailed report on a site’s visibility on Google search.

How to add a web site into Google Webmaster tools?

One can start by opening the page In order to add the web site to Google web masters, one needs to log into the aforementioned site using their Google account. And the entire process requires the addition of a Meta tag to the web site which remains hidden to the viewers. After logging in, users will be guided to a page where an option to add URL will be given and after entering the full URL; they will be guided to a verification page. This verification doesn’t hamper the site’s ranking in Google searches.
If the user already has an account in, the website leading to it can be added without undergoing any verification process.
What sites can be added?

Following is a list given by Google:

And if a sub domain to the web site is available, then it has to be added separately to the Google Webmaster tools. Also, it supports Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) while adding the site.
Threefold advantage of using Google webmaster tool:

Here are some of the advantages of using Google Webmaster tools:

Knowing Google’s view of the website in question- Users can learn how Google indexes and enlists their sites for a Google search and also they come to know the problems Google faces, if any, while searching for their sites.

Querying about traffic and discovering external links- Data can be viewed, classified or downloaded about external and internal links with the latest link reporting tools. Also, there is an advantage of knowing which Google query drives viewers to the web site and how frequently.
Sharing information about the site: Perhaps, Google Webmaster tools’ best feature, it tells users about their page with a feature called Site map. They can enlist what things are important to them and what they want to reject. Also, users can specify how they want their URL to appear on a Google search.

What is Site Health?

Many times Google Web Master Tools puts a red exclamatory mark to the site in question. This feature has been a matter of many controversies but it actually is beneficial for the popularity of the site. It basically helps users to prioritize concerns regarding their sites by Google. Any malware attached to the site can be easily detected. Or may an important page which had erstwhile generated huge traffic been removed can easily be detected.

Google Webmaster Tools

Additional support provided by Google webmaster tools:

For any query related to the web site or problem in the functioning of the site or regarding the Google Webmaster tools, users can post their queries here!forum/webmasters
Also a general set of FAQs has also been listed on the main Google Webmaster tools site.

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