Google News FAQs Before Posting An Article

Google News FAQs Before Posting An Article

Jun 26, 2013

In 1998 Google was established with a primary goal to organize information about the entire world and make it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. After a few years Google extended its search feature to images, maps, videos, shopping as well as news. Google news draws news headlines and details from the best sources and provides a list of reliable information related to current events. Although this news comes from media or news outlets, however from maintaining some strict rules, smaller sites can also post news which will be featured on Google news.¬†Let’s discuss how.

Post a News Story In The Proper Format:

Generally a person use press release format in their articles to ensure that they appear in the form of a news story. The primary format should be text rendered in hypertext markup language coding or HTML. It is the basic form of coding in all websites. Do not post your articles in PDF format since they will not be listed on Google news. If you are unsure whether an HTML coding is used in your site, ask the person who posts the story on your website. If it is only a picture or video it will appear under videos or images.

Maintain A Proper Pattern In Your Article on Google News:

A news based article should not be informational type articles like how-to, advice or any other fictional type. Also ensure that it is not an advertisement or announcement. Also make sure to post a complete well finished article on Google News. At present, a suggested Google news website is checked once. If certain changes are made on the site, it will not be shown in the link on Google news. All these checks are done by a software program using web crawling features to download websites that properly fits a criteria. It is used in Google news to choose the news programs and review the story suggestions received daily.

Format A Proper URL Before Posting:

A permanent and unique URL is a must have for any news story suggested by you. Quite a number of news stories are posted on a single page by several sites each day. To appear among the top ranked in Google news, your URL must redirect to a specific page that does not have any chance of getting replaced by other articles. To make it unique adds numbers along with alphabets. At least 3 numbers are necessary for a unique URL.

Google News

The Final Protocol:

After clicking on “Suggest news” and filling out the content, enlist the authors, URL, language, location and other necessary details. If needed, you can also enlist your contact and other information applicable to the story you have provided. Once everything is completed, click “submit”. Google will perform the remaining operations by crawling your site for data and requirements. If your article is accepted in Google news, it may take about 7-14 days time after which it will appear in the search results of Google news. Also, remember, never redesign your site after submitting your news article. It may create problem while checked by Google.

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