Google Drive offers 5GB Cloud Storage For Free

Google Drive offers 5GB Cloud Storage For Free

Apr 30, 2012

Today’s we are introduced about Google Drive, Google launched Google Drive Cloud Storage for create, share of your files for free. You can upload and download all of your files including photos, PDF, videos, Google docs and many more files that you can share publicly or private.

Google Drive offers 5GB Cloud Storage For Free

Google Drive offers 5GB Cloud Storage For Free


Google Drive is new cloud based storage service for sharing your data for free. It offers 5GB data for free while you can choose more space in paid plans start as low $2.49 per months for 25GB. Google Drive offers desktop application for windows and Max OS X as well as mobile application for Android mobile devices.

Google Drive synchronizes files with multiple devices and Google servers for storage a file and saved into Google Drive website or on a computer folder and you can accessible on other devices. You can access you file directly from Google drive web site and you can also able to views you file directly without downloading because Drives support many file type that are Photoshop image file, HD videos and many more files.

google drive

google drive

Google Drive is just a simple cloud storage service. Google Drive also support Google docs platform and show current files on your docs folder. You can able to accessible documents and editing of your documents. Google also track changes done in documents and keep a revision copies up to 30 days, You can choose restore your old documents if you required your old documents.

Google Drive is only cloud storage that can able to views video online without any interfaces. Google Drive cheaper prices and you pay $0.10 per GB per month.

Comparisons of Google Drive to another cloud storage services:



Google Drive



Free storage 2GB 5GB 5GB


Additional storage (price per year) 50GB ($99); 25GB ($30); 10GB ($20); 20GB ($10);
100GB ($199) 100GB ($60) 20GB ($40); 50GB ($25);
50GB ($100) 100GB ($50)
File size limit 300MB via browser, unlimited from desktop 10GB 25MB free accounts, 250MB paid users 2GB
Desktop apps Windows, OS X, Linux Windows, OS X Windows, OS X Windows, OS X
Mobile apps iOS, Android, BlackBerry Android, iOS iOS Windows Phone, iOS
Version tracking Yes Yes No Yes
Web interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stream to mobile Yes No Yes Yes
Sync over LAN Yes No Yes No
Public sharing Yes Yes No Yes
Password protect file sharing No No No No

Official Video of Google Drive Cloud Storage Service

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