Google Analytics Do You Really Need?

Google Analytics Do You Really Need?

Jun 22, 2013

It is important to monitor your website traffic constantly, and web analytics can be called the thermometer of your site. You need to study what is going on with your website to learn from this, and Google Analytics is a great tool to do it.

Why do you really need Google Analytics?

You have to study the effectiveness of your online marketing and advertising methods, and Google Analytics will help you a lot. Measurement is an all-important task, and executives and business owners understand this fact, according to Brian Clifton, in his book, Advanced Web Analytics. What about an improvement of 383% in your conversion rate? This is what you can get when you use Google Analytics in your website. You will get all the web data you need about your website in an easy-to-use platform.

Marketing professionals are able to see right away what is working and what is not working on their websites. For instance, they will be able to see whether a particular page is getting any visitors at all from a particular campaign. This web analytics software gives them the data they need via alerts and reports. It is important to note that the interface of this software, although user-friendly, is very sophisticated, and marketers can create customized and automated reports whenever they need them.

Another advantage of using Google Analytics is that you will be able to identify problems after redesigning your website. You will easily identify problems with server redirects, what is going wrong in particular pages, improvements in efficiency, and identify opportunities for growth. This web analytics tool allows you to expand your business because you will be measuring what both your customers and visitors want. It is possible to know how much time a visitor is spending in a specific part of your website, and improve your return on investment.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics started in 2005 and turned the entire industry upside down, according to Justin Cutroni, in his book, Google Analytics. Web analytics became an inexpensive task, and this caused a shift from the website to people. In 2007, Google released the second version of this web analytics software, giving the industry another shot in the arm. Its new presentation allowed PR people and marketers to make decisions based on its data. Now anyone can become a web analyst, from web designers to top executives, because Google Analytics is free. They are able to track the performance of their website and what is going on with their advertising and marketing spending on the Internet.

Top Benefits of Using Google Analytics

1. Measure qualitative and quantitative data. You will be able to identify where the traffic comes from and what this traffic does on your website. In reality, you will know what happens on the site, more or less. Google Analytics will tell you not only what happens but why something happens.
2. Improve your website. You will know where to grasp the opportunity to satisfy the needs of your visitors.
3. Align your business strategy with your measurement strategy.

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