Gmail Mobile Application for Google Apps

Gmail mobile application for Google Apps that available for all mobile phones but in the past it can works only blacbarry. Just go to on your mobile phone browser and download “Mail by Google” from your mobile and install it to your mobile. This application looks like exectly that relesed by google gmail mobile 1.5 and it also supports Google Apps accouts. you can login with your standard gmail accounts.

Google Mobile Application

Google Mobile Application


Access your Gmail account with the help of Gmail mobile Application, its now available for all mobile phones. The new version of Gmail mobile application is faster than privious version. It also has a number of new features like:


  • It is more than faster that is overall 80 percent faster than privious version.
  • Contacts viewer to view all Gmail contacts and address
  • Gmail Keyboad shortcuts to perform tasks faster.
  • Auto save function also available in mobile application if your connection drop or perform other task before sending email.
  • An outgoing mail footer display on out going message to show your recipients that you have sent an email from your mobile device.
  • With click to call phone numbers  you can call without typing the number.

    Google Mobile Application

    Google Mobile Application

Learn more about Gmail mobile application and other mobile services go at

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