Current Version Plugin RealPlayer Version Download Plugin

Real Player Plugin basically is an application which plays all type of video as well as audio. Real Player is developed by Real Networks and it is famous for play all popular media. First version of Real Player was released in 1995 and after these more improved versions was released. In latest version of real player has advanced features like download videos, Watch TV, Movies, burn DVD and many more features are including in new version.

Real Player plugin installation itself in Google Chrome. But in some cases it has been found that this plugin is missing. So that user needs to download Real Player and install its plugin into their system.

How to Check Real Player Plugin Installation in Google Chrome

  • Launched Google Chrome
  • Write in address bar about:plugin
  • You have seen that list of all installed plugin in your Google Chrome.
current version plugin realplayer version plugin

current version plugin real player version plugin

  • Real Player Plugin Located in list at second position.

How to check Real Player Plugin Installation in Mozilla Firefox

  • Start Your Firefox
  • Go to tools in menu bar and click on Add-ons
  • In new tab all installed plugin listed
current version plugin real player download plugin

current version plugin real player download plugin

  • Real player plugin located in list

If you found that Real Player plugin not installed in your chrome or Firefox than you can install this plugin easy way. Go to the real player site and download the real player program and install its version as you like, also install Real Player Plugin for Firefox or chrome. Your plugin now show up in the list.

If you need any update of current plugin than you can read our Current Version Plugin Google Update Post to update your Firefox plug-in and browser.

If you face any Firefox plug-in related problem than tell us we will try to solved your problem and help you to remove your problem.

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