Top 5 Facebook Plugins For WordPress

Top 5 Facebook Plugins For WordPress

May 12, 2013

Facebook is one of the most popular social network sites in the world. It has more than 900 million users from all around the world. People can take advantages by connecting their WordPress blog with Facebook. In this article, people can see top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress. These plugins are very useful to connect the readers with the Facebook account. This is a good way to promote a website or blog through Facebook. Many experts believe that Facebook marketing is a perfect method to promote WordPress blogs. Here are some of those plugins.

1. Facebook Comment Control

This is one of the best plugin that people can use to replace the default comment setting in every blog. It is a good way to show Facebook as the commenting option in the blog. People are able to do a lot of things with this plugin. They can delete comments, see all comments, see the readers who posted the comment, reply the comments, add widget with last 5 comments, and many other great features.

2. Facebook Like Button for WordPress

This is the most popular plugin that can help people get their post listed on their Facebook account. This plugin is very easy to use and apply to the blog or website. All readers are able to like any posts or pages. The readers can also submit this post or page as a link in their Facebook profile. This plugin can show the amount of users who like specific posts or pages.

3. Post to Facebook

Some website owners may want to post their posts or pages to their Facebook account. This plugin is a perfect solution for doing that action. It has the ability to post a blog post to the Facebook mini feed. As the result, all readers can also read the post from Facebook account. This plugin is very easy to use. It can add a button to edit or add forms for any blog pages or posts.

4. All in one Facebook Plugin for WordPress

This is considered as the most popular Plugin from these top 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress. It includes many different things that are important for connecting Facebook with WordPress blog. It includes several great features, such as Recommendation, like button, like box, Live Stream, Login with Facebook, Activity Feed, and many other great features from this plugin.

Wordpress Facebook Plugin

5. Facebook Photo Fetcher

This plugin is very useful for getting many pictures from Facebook. This plugin allows all website owners to generate WordPress pictures from any Facebook albums that can be accessed. This plugin also has some great features, such as Auto Lightbox functionality. Another feature from this plugin is the search feature. It is a perfect tool to add album galleries to the WordPress blog.

They are top 5 Facebook Plugins for WordPress. People can choose the best plugin that is suitable for their needs and goals. These plugins are very easy to install. They can function properly after being installed in any WordPress blogs or websites. Connecting a WordPress blog with Facebook is a perfect method for any website owners.

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