Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Jul 6, 2013

Finding Top 5 wordpress plugins out of all available wordpress plugins can be as tough as finding a needle from an Olympic sized swimming pool. WordPress has more than 24,000 plugins and this count is increasing with every new day. If we ignore the size, then also many plugins are there that are identical in functionality and choosing one of them is another difficult thing to do.

Top 5 wordpress plugins that every wordpress website should have

Akismet: No matter how old your blog is or what is primary function of your blog, you always have to see so many spam comments on your blog. If these spam comments remain undetected, then will not only damage your blogs reputation, but it can make a negative impact on search engine ranking as well and Akismet can give a great help to you for this task. This plugin is one of the oldest and most popular plugin and its spam detection is simply amazing. You just need to set it once, after that this plugin will do the rest for you and you only need to check your spam folder on periodic interval and this quality makes it best in top 5 wordpress plugins.

Wassup: You always need to know more about your visitors so you can optimize your blog or website according to that information and wassup can help you in this task. With the help of wassup, you can track a lot of information about user such as the location of your website visitor, what keyword they searched, on what page they arrived, on what page they left the website, actions that they took and so many other similar information.

WordPress SEO- By Yoast SEO: This is the oldest and best wordpress plugin for SEO that was developed by SEO experts. With the help of this plugin you can do on page analysis, you can see snippet preview, you can control visibility of pages to search engines, you can create XML sitemap, you can do RSS optimization, social sharing and much more with this plugin and all these great features made it one of the top 5 wordpress plugins.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Disqus: It is the best commenting system for wordpress by which you can do engaging discussion and your blog. This plugin makes commenting very easy for reader and because of its engaging and enjoyable commenting system visitor spend more time on your site and give more time to its content. Disqus also gives feature of threaded comment and communication with its API and as a whole it deserves to be in list of top 5 wordpress plugins.

Shareholic: If you want to promote your website or content than other than SEO sharing it on social network is the best thing that you can do and shareholic is a perfect WP plugin that can assist you in this job. Other than this, it also has inbuilt URL Shortner and social analyzing because of which we added it in Top 5 wordpress plugins.

We made this list based on our research and experience and other experts may include other WP plugin in this list according to their experience, but many will agree all top 5 wordpress plugins that we chose are the best and must have wordpress plugins for any wordpress site.

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