How To Install WordPress Plugin

How To Install WordPress Plugin

May 17, 2013

Though the process of how to install wordpress Plugin is a simple job, it is a vital process to wordpress and should be done wisely. WordPress plugin installation is a potential source of problem to beginners. However, if you are not able to install plugins successfully, it will not hinder you from getting access to the large world of wordpress plugins.

You can install wordpress plugin in three different ways:

  • It can be done automatically through wordpress.
  • It can be done manually by uploading plugin through wordpress.
  • Lastly, it can be done manually by uploading plugin through FTP.

How To Install WordPress Plugin

How to install wordpress Plugin Automatically:

This is the simplest method of installing a plugin. It requires that you set up your server in a way that makes modification of plugin directory possible. To ensure this, you have to give user-groups write permission on wp-content/plugins directory. As soon as you set up, the “Add-New” Plugin menu option will be enabled.

On the “install-plugin” window, just inside name of plugin you need to search in “search field” provided, and press the “search plugin” button to search.

If the search results find the plugin, it will show it. Click on the “install” to automatically start downloading plugin and install it on your blog.

How to install wordpress Plugin manually:

Downloading a plugin:

Normally, wordpress plugins are distributed as a zip files. This is a file that contains many files that are compressed together. Since this file is small, then, you can download it fast.

Downloading a wordpress plugin involve searching the appropriate download link on the website, clicking the “download-link”, and then allowing your browser to keep the file on your computer’s memory.

Installing word press plugin:

To install a downloaded wordpress plugin manually via wordpress, click “add new” option in the plugin menu.

Either you can search for your plugin or you can upload it directly by clicking on the “upload menu.”

Using “browse” button, select the wordpress plugin that you downloaded, once you find the right plugin, click “install now” option. Your file will be installed in your blog. The activation will then be done automatically.

How to install wordpress Plugin via FTP:

To do this, you should first unzip the downloaded plugin folder. This is done to restore the compressed file to its normal form. Depending on the type of computer that you have, this can be done simply or may require that you add additional software. Latest versions of windows, same to OS X, are able to unzip these files without a need for additional software. If they cannot unzip, then, you will have to install one of the software, such as winzip, StuffIt, or 7-zip, which are use unzipping zipped file.

Once you have unzipped the file, upload it. To do this, you need FTP username plus password and have installed FTP client. If you have all this, click new connection and insert your address and password in the respective field. Once you are connected to the website, navigate to find wordpress, then to where plugin are located, and upload your plugin. Remember that, wordpress location can change depending on web-host, but generally you will find it in a directory called public_html.

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