Three Keys for Using Your Time Wisely During a Microsoft Certification Exam

Three Keys for Using Your Time Wisely During a Microsoft Certification Exam

Nov 5, 2012

Microsoft certification exams have a time limit in which candidates must answer all of the questions.Oftentimes, time constraints can place added stress on an individual as he or she feels the burden of having to think fast in order to finish on time-especially in a high stakes certification exam.Although individuals have many different approaches to how they pace themselves in an exam, there are a few key principles that will help most anyone.Below, we’ll take a look at three keys that will help you finish your exam without leaving any point on the table.

Microsoft Certification Exam

Microsoft Certification Exam

-Take all of the time given to you for each portion of the exam.On any exam, time is a valuable commodity, so take advantage of the opportunity by not rushing your thoughts and final answer choices.

-Answer the questions that you’re sure of first and mark the questions you’re unsure of for review.You can revisit those later when you can carefully ponder the question.

-Pay attention to whether or not a section is timed.Once you leave a section or it has timed out, you will be unable to return to it.You will, however, be able to review your answer choices prior to moving on to the next section.

Perhaps the best way to be sure of your answers is to practice thoroughly beforehand.The ultimate in exam practice is available from Testslive, producers of the comprehensive Microsoft exam tutorials designed to have your ready for anything you see on your real exam.Through course completion and review with Testslive, time will not be an issue for you as you complete your certification test.

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