Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector

iTunes is an application launched by Apple on January 9, 2001 which is used for playing, saving, organizing video and music files on desktop or laptop. You can also download music or video file with the help of iTunes application. It can also manage contents on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad touch devices. First this application only for Apple’s OS only but now this is also available for windows. iTunes also help to connect iTunes Store to purchase and download video, music, games, TV shows, audio books, movies and ringtones. It is also help to download application from App store for the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. iTunes has not been to transfer music from one portable device to another. The latest version 10.7 is available for Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later and also available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. iTune 10 support all type of file like MP3, AIFF, Wav, MPEF-4, AAC and Apple Lossless. Recently Firefox and chrome has been launched which can detect presence of iTunes App on the PC. This is called iTunes Application Detector Plugin. Auto Launch of iTune Application Prevention When you are browsing Apple’s store then you find that iTunes application is launched. You can disabled iTunes application within few easy steps as detailed below: Firefox Users Launch the Mozilla Firefox by start menu or desktop icon Go to Tools in options Select Applications and find iTunes Select Always ask actions in the category Chrome Users Launch the Google Chrome by start menu or desktop icon Write about:plugin in address box List of plugin display in chrome Locate iTunes Application Detector Click on Disable to deactivate the plugin If you need any update of current plugin than you can read our Current Version Plugin Google Update Post to update your Firefox plug-in and...

Gmail Tools and Tips For A Gmail Pro

Gmail tools and tips for how to make a Gmail Pro without doubt that Google mail one of the most popular online email services. In this post we mention all tools and tips to make you a Gmail pro. It contains the best tools of firefox extensions, desktop tools of gmail and other tips to increase the functionality of gmail. Firefox Add-ons We give you best add-ons to make a gmail pro. Email This – Email the currunt title and link of the active page using this application. Email Yourself – Use this add-on to email information of currunt webpage to yourself. Gmail Checker – Checks your mails automatically in Firefox. Gmail manager – Manage multiple gmail accounts. Gmail Signatures – Automatically inserts HTML signatures in Gmail messages. Gmail skins – Change the color of the skin of Gmail account. Bookmarklets: Gmail This – Button to email currunt page by Gmail service. Gmail Search Bookmarks – Save bookmarks and serch anytime. Multiple Gmail Signatures – Create and use multiple signatures in Gmail. Desktop Applications Gmail Mobile – Mobile Application for Gmail. GMDesk – Run your gmail accounts, Google Docs and Google Maps as application at desktop. Gmail Backup – Backup all mails of Gmail account locally. Gmail photospace – Use Gmail as a online storage of your photos. GSN SMS Notifier – Send SMS when new mail...

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Download

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Download: Microsoft release the final version of Internet Explorer 8 and you can direct download of internet explorer 8 with at their official website. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 for various windows operating system with including windows xp, windows 7 and windows vista. Windows Internet Explorer 8 Download Download links for Internet explorer 8 Windows XP 32 Bit (Click Here) Windows XP 64 Bit (Click Here) Windows Vista 32 Bit (Click Here) Windows Vista 64 Bit (Click Here) Windows Server 2003 32 Bit (Click Here) Windows Server 2003 64 Bit (Click Here) Windows Server 2008 32 Bit (Click Here) Windows Server 2008 64 Bit (Click Here) Those links are direct link to download internet explorer 8. You can just choose your operating system and you can start your download...

List of Free Movie Sites

We provide list of free movies sites that can be great alternatives to downloading movies because it’s give instant download of movies form site. We provide top sites that can be give you free movies for download instantly. Most of sites contain same content with movies and TV shows. At below we give you list of top free movies sites to download movies or watch online streaming at that sites. I give you some sites that I like and are simple to download or watch movies online. I recommend some that have a nice interface or give you most interesting movies and shows. Hulu – This service only available in some counties like United States. Surf The Channel – -great interface, aggregates videos from sites. IMDB – Great interface video sites. Joost – Great free video streaming providers. Bablgum – It is available for a variety of formats in select countries Google Video – Great interface, aggregates videos Freetube – offers videos of well known tv shows bollywood adda – offers videos and tv shows We also give you some list of websites that is provide free movies at below Top 25 Sites to Watch Free Movies Rank Website Score Sponsor 10 10 1 9.33 2 9 3 8.33 4 8.33 5 8.17 6 8.17 7 8.17 8 8.17 9 8.17 10 8 11 8 12 7.83 13 7.67 14 7.67 15 7.67 16 7.5 17 7.5 18 7.33 19 7.33 20 7.17 21 7.17 22 7 23 7 24 7 25

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